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Nick Holland (nick@) написал письмо в список рассылки misc@ о том, что продажи сетов CD OpenBSD 4.6 резко упали. Это письмо стоит читать, поэтому, пожалуйста, выпейте чашечку вашего любимого напитка и посвятите пару минут чтению - это важно.


proger 2009-09-09 15:46:19

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     Они жалуются на падение продаж? Пример цитаты: For 4.4, I had to prepay the money for the CDs before the pre-sales went online, instead of paying the CDs when they shipped from the factory. As Theo makes each time earlier and earlier pre-sales, it caught me by surprise, and since the CAD money I had set aside was locked in a one month term deposit, the money would be released on the 18th, two weeks before it was needed in Canada. So the pre-orders were blocked until the 9th of September. This decreased our CD sales even more reducing my OpenBSD budget. For 4.5, I thought to be better prepared so I wired EUR 20.000 to the Computer Shop of Calgary account before anybody even asked me (I haven't gotten the proforma invoice yet). With a bit of luck by the time 4.5 would officially ship, the extra orders could have brought in EUR 10.000 that I planned on wiring in May to further fund the project. The day the money arrived, Theo decided to suspend the European orders and send me no CDs or artwork. Note the choice of going public not before the pre-orders but after 252 people have already placed and paid their orders, essentially screwing all of them Так кто после этого lying hypocrite ?
     2009-09-22 17:27:57 reply

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